Peregrine Industries - Specialists in high quality air filters that are designed to meet your needs.  Air filters for all types of Heating, Ventilation and  Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and high purity products - paint spray booths filters, cleanroom filters, bio-safety and clean bench filters. FilterMedia
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Air filters for all types of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.  High purity products for Gas Turbines, Paint Spray Booths, cleanrooms, bio-safety and clean benches.


AIR FILTER PRODUCTS - Cleanroom Filters


Custom Solutions to Meet Your Air Filtration Requirements

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Ceiling Modules and Panels

  • HEPA
  • ULPA

High Efficiency IAQ Filters

  • HEPA
  • FP Mini Pleats

Molecular Filtration

  • Chemical Filter
  • Activated Carbon
  • Disposable
  • Low leak Housings
  • HEGA™ Filters (High Efficiency Gas Adsorbers)
  • FP Gas Phase Filters


Peregrine Industries Cleanroom Filtration

Peregrine Industries is the sole distributor of Filtration Group's products in Australia.  Filtration Group is the largest privately held manufacturer of filtration products in North America (The world's largest consumer market for air filters).  In business since 1942, Filtration Group designs and produces a full line of high quality, high efficiency cleanroom filters.  Our expertise offers a broad selection of high efficiency air filters for both particulate and molecular filtration.  Our products are manufactured and tested in a cleanroom environment to ensure the highest level of performance and cleanliness.  ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 systems have been implemented in our product design, manufacturing and testing in order to ensure maximum quality and reliability.


Peregrine Industries' comprehensive offering includes products for the HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning), industrial dust, gas phase, cleanroom, power systems, paint spray booths and filter media markets.  Our emphasis on customer service, highest quality products and new product innovation has helped fuel Peregrine Industries' growth.

In addition to the cleanroom ceiling modules and panels, Peregrine Industries' comprehensive product range includes HVAC, high efficiency HEPA products and an expansive line of molecular filters.  Peregrine Industries has the product line to be your primary source for all of your cleanroom applications.

Cleanroom filter module montage

Replaceable Terminal Modules

  • 99.99% and 99.9995% efficiency
  • 2.5" (63mm) media packs
  • Durable extruded aluminium frame
  • Designed for easy installation and optimised service life

Ducted Terminal Modules

  • 99.99% and 99.9995% efficiency
  • HEPA available in 2.0" (51mm) and 2.5" (63mm) media packs
  • ULPA available in 2.5" (63mm) media pack
  • Durable extruded aluminium frame
  • Protective screen is designed to eliminate wear and shipping damage
  • Knife edge option available

Cleanroom Panels

  • 99.99% and 99.9995% efficiency
  • 2.0' (51mm) and 2.5" (63mm) media packs
  • Durable extruded aluminium frame
  • Knife edge and gel seal options available



Peregrine Industries' national network of distributors and strategic partners ensures easy access to our products wherever you are in Australia.


HEPA and molecular air filter montage

High Efficiency Products

  • HEPA filters
  • FP (V Bank) mini pleat air filters
  • High Volume HEPA air filters

Molecular Products

  • Disposable Filters
  • High efficiency systems
  • Technical application support


Custom Solutions to meet your air filtration requirements

Peregrine Industries Distribution Network

National distribution network

"We will provide quality products that meet or exceed our customers' expectations while we pursue continuous improvements."

Broad Product Offering

Cleanroom Filters

Bio-Safety and Cleanbench filters

HVAC air filters

Specialist Air Filters for Manufacturing Facilities

Industrial dust filters

Molecular filters

Paint Spray Booth Filters

Filter Media

Gas Turbine and Power System Air Filters

Customer Focused

In-house technical experts (Scientists, engineers, and business experts on staff)

Rapid prototyping

Flexible production

In-house and independent testing


Preferred supplier to government institutions and large national and international businesses

Extensive distribution network throughout Australia

Dedicated customer support team



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Due to ongoing product development, we reserve the right to alter any product specifications or prices as is necessary.

Download Cleanroom Air filters Overview brochure in pdf format


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