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Air filters for all types of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.  High purity products for Gas Turbines, Paint Spray Booths, cleanrooms, bio-safety and clean benches.


AIR FILTER PRODUCTS - Bulk Filter Media Rolls


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C3 300 is a synthetic fibre-based air filter media designed and manufactured at Filtrair’s own high-tech media plant. The air filter media is constructed from selected high performance, non-breakable fibres in a progressive density multi-layering technique to ensure high depth loading with and optimal low pressure drop, while achieving gravimetric arrestance and efficiency levels in accordance with EN779:2002 standards ratings.

The C3 300 air filter media is thermally bonded and stiffened to ensure high dust holding capacity. The clean air side is smoothed and imprinted for easy identification to ensure the correct installation in pads, roll or extended surface pocket format

The Filtrair air filter media conforms to all EU and U.S. fire classification standards (e.g. DIN 53438-F1 and UL 900-class 1) and are self-extinguishing.

Constant quality is ensured by independent quality control testing according to EN779:2002 and the individual DIN logo and Filtrair registration number, which are imprinted on the air filter media, together with the F5 classification and the FILTRAIR brand name


  • Available as bulk media rolls, or pads cut to size

  • Conforms to U.S and EU fire classification standards
  • Graduated density
  • High dust holding capacity
  • Consistent air filter media quality is ensured by independent quality control testing according to EN779 :2002
  • 100% synthetic air filter media.
  • Low initial pressure drop
  • Can be manufactured into cut pads, panel air filters (including VF style) and extended surface pocket air filters


Filtrair’s C3 300 air filter media is designed for fine filtration of the air intake in general ventilation and air handling systems where a higher degree of cleanliness is required. C3 300 is very effective when applied as a pre-filter in a multi stage air filter bank, as well as diffusion ceiling air filter in industrial paint spray booths. C3 300 combines a high dust holding capacity with a relatively low pressure drop and is therefore extremely cost and energy efficient with a long filter life


Service and maintenance can also be carried out by our trained service technicians if required (ask our representative about our competitive service/maintenance contracts to all types of HVAC and airconditioning filters).



C3 300 dust loading vs. efficiency vs. pressure drop curve
C3 300 clean air resistance curve
C3 300 particle size removal efficiency chart


Average arrestance (acc. EN779:2002)
Initial efficiency (dust spot)
Average efficiency (dust spot)
Air velocity (m/s)
Rated air flow (m3/h/m2)
Initial pressure drop (Pa)
Final pressure drop (Pa)
Dust holding at tested final (g/m2)
Class according to EN779:2002
Temperature resistance (constant)
Up to 100 deg. C
Temperature resistance (short peaks)
Up to 120 deg. C
Nominal thickness (mm)
Relative humidity
Up to 100%
Standard roll size (m)
2.0 x 20


  • Fine air filtration in air handling units
  • Pre-filtration for clean benches
  • First stage air filtration in clean rooms
  • Medical facilities, hospitals and laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical and food processing plants
  • Electronic and telecommunications facilities
  • Protection of sensitive computers and equipment and processes in industrial plants


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Due to ongoing product development, we reserve the right to alter any product specifications or prices as is necessary.


Download Filtrair C3 300 Air Filter Media brochure in pdf format



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