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Air filters for all types of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.  High purity products for Gas Turbines, Paint Spray Booths, cleanrooms, bio-safety and clean benches.




A Brief History and Future of Extended Surface Bag Filters in Australia.

Recently, a visiting European Air Filter Expert expressed his amazement at the use of the many and varied types of bag filters that are supplied to the market here in Australia. All are designed to perform the same simple task.

This statement started us thinking – why do we have all these ridiculously shaped air filters?  

Maybe we are just all creatures of habit and stick to what we have done for years without asking why or whether we can do things better.

Currently, most air filter companies can supply the market with Four Peaks, Tripacks, Multipeaks, Multiwedges, Miniwedges, Econowedges, Triovees, Duovees, Tricells, Pyrocones, Pyrocubes, Deepbeds, Ripple bars, Univee 2, ES245, etc. just to name a few.   But the question is, why?   Why do we offer so many different shapes of air filters for the customer to choose from, all of which basically do the same thing.  

Is it tradition, or good marketing?

Actually, it is both.   Australians are by their very nature, traditionalists and, of course, the marketing in years gone by has instilled in us the use of these many and varied bag filters regardless of the fact that all these various shapes and designs are simply not necessary.

The situation that we have in Australia is not repeated in the markets of Europe or the USA.  These markets essentially have simple pocket filters that are manufactured in two or three standard depths and a few standard face sizes.  The only differences are the number of pockets that are found in these filters and the media used.  Generally, the larger the number of pockets the more filter media is used, therefore the lower the resistance and the higher the initial price (comparatively).  Of course, the huge advantage of this system over the one that we currently have in Australia, is that the customer can easily identify the type of filter they have (they do not need to know all of the different shapes by name etc). 

These air filters are also far easier to fit.  “So what!” I hear you say, “I don’t have to fit the filters anyway.”  Well that may be the case, but if the air filters are easier to fit then you may be able to save time and money by using your own labour as they are simple to install without needing to be fitted over a complex wire frame and placed into another frame. This complex operation creates the risk that the air filters will be incorrectly installed and their life significantly reduced or worse still; you have air bypassing the filters.

You may say, “I already have these complex shaped air filters installed and I don’t see any reason to change them”.  Well, your existing air filter frames may be bent or broken and therefore unable to seal properly (this damage to frames is typical of a large percentage of the complex wire frames in usage).  A good reason to change to the EcoWeld filter is that you will have a standard shaped filter that is easy to install. This ultimately will lead to significant savings not only for you but, of course, your customers.

With this new design come many efficiencies.   With our standard high efficiency EcoWeld filters available to all customers they will be able to obtain better value and quicker supply times. This is based simply on the economies-of-scale that our filter manufacturing process will be able to achieve.  Currently, customers are unable to enjoy this efficiency of double quick delivery times with all of the different shapes in the market place as it is impossible to carry stocks of all of these different shaped filters.  In some cases, the filter shapes vary from job to job and even within different units in the same location.

Another major advantage of the Peregrine EcoWeld standard pocket filter is that a standard holding frame will accommodate all models. As a purchaser of Peregrine filters you will also have an immediate cost advantage with the initial installation because they do not require the expensive, complex wire frames that are currently required to maintain the shape of the filter.  Of course, the wire frame is needed to add structural support to the filter media, but should you select the EcoWeld pocket filter you will receive a filter of rigid construction similar to the types that have been used for years in the European market without a complex wire frame.  

So, the answer to the question of why we have all these different shaped filters – is that until now, there probably hasn’t been any viable alternative offered.

Peregrine Industries has the technical expertise and experience in the air filter industry to confidently invest time in research and development to bring to Australia the advanced technology to compete with the rest of the world in offering you the new EcoWeld Rigid Welded Pocket Filter. 

So the next time you purchase or specify an extended surface filter, don’t just follow the tradition of the complex bag filter shape, one that will continue to confuse the market and leave us so far behind the rest of the world. Instead go with the EcoWeld Rigid Welded Pocket Filter, and help to change the shape of filters.

Help keep Australia green – always specify the environmentally friendly and cost effective new EcoWeld Rigid Welded Pocket Air Filter manufactured only by Peregrine Industries in Australia!

EcoWeld Rigid Welded Pocket Filter


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